Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Publicity Addiction

Last summer, shortly before I broke my foot, I came across a blog post on publicity addiction. I think I was googling email addiction and publicity addiction came up along with it. I found it fascinating, thought I'd run a post of my own, and include it as a link.

Instead, I'm pretty much just going to link to it. I think a lot of what she has to say is right on, though I'd take her conclusions a step further. This summer the Lord has convicted me that my job is to write my books, to communicate truth through them and through the blog, and leave the publicizing to God. It's not my job. I know I've said this before, but it seems that even though I say it, and believe it, there are still cobwebs of unbelief that must be cleaned out. Little bits of the whole I still cling to, trying to drag out of the fallen city of Jericho and hide in my tent. Or really, in my case, not even hiding them, since I didn't realize what I was taking out. It's easier to recognize some thing you are not supposed to cling to and much harder to see the whole frame of reference that is off.

Anyway, I offer this post from an agent (I'm assuming it's Jessica Faust, cofounder) with the BookEnds, LLC — A Literary Agency blog. It's called An Intervention and it's about, well, publicity addiction. You can find it here.