Sunday, March 09, 2008

A New Interview

Well, I've been seriously remiss in keeping up to date with Interviews, reviews, etc. Perhaps that's because the notice that this interview had been posted came during Christmas when I was caught up in the delusion that any day I was going to have time to deal with it, because after all, we didn't have the puppy yet, I wasn't up against a close deadline and... who knows? But it slipped out of the frame on my inbox into dreaded out of sight/out of mind land.

Recently I've been culling emails and it fell back into view.

Embarrassment! But better late than never and we are just about at the the one year anniversary of the release of Return of the Guardian King. So, without further ado, there's an Interview up at Australian Narelle Mollet's blog, Relz Reviewz Her questions include Why Christian Fiction? Why Christian Fantasy? If the series was made into a movie, who would you cast? What impact do you hope these books have upon the reader? And, Would you taste Vegemite if given the opportunity? Stop by for a read, and unlike with my blog, you can leave a comment if you wish. (And thanks, Rel, for putting the Interview up)

I believe I have a couple more interviews to do, and I'm afraid to look at how long it's been since I was asked to do them. Did you know that the closer you get to death, the faster time flies? LOL It's true, though.