Thursday, August 28, 2008

A Typical Day in August

So here's the way my days have gone lately.

I get up between 6:30 and 7, and go through my morning routine, which involves taking the dog out, dressing, making the bed, feeding the dog, training the dog, sweeping the floor, and putting a load of laundry in the washing machine.

Then it's time to eat, during which I enter my first dink around period. I intend to get right to work on the book, but instead, keep getting pulled off into other directions. For example, I go into the bedroom to get a pen, see the rubber stamp on the desk and decide to finish stamping my three new Hero Arts DesignBlock stamps into my catalog. Done with the first stamp, I discover the stamp cleaning pad is dirty and I have to clean it before I can go on. In the process of that, I discover something else and somehow... two hours disappear. Then I go in and start working. And may get sidetracked again by reading email and blogs.

Maybe another hour disappears. Then, annoyed with myself for all the dinking around I finally Get To Work. I concentrate for awhile, do some heavy thinking, tinkering, analysis. Figure out what exactly is happening, what exactly is bad, and maybe what I need to do about it. Or more often, just that I do need to do something, but not what I actually need to do. Then there might be more sidetracking. Walking about. Lying on the couch watching penguins.

At some point I hang out the clothes, brush Quigley and bring him in and this is always good for at least a half hour of distraction. I usually put him on an 8 minute stay sometime in there (we're working our way to half an hour) And I eat lunch.

Then more work interspersed with who knows what. Finally, Quigley hits his active stage and has to be put back outside because he's too annoying inside. Then it's time for Bible Class.

After that I start dinner and we go off to walk Quigley or visit the dog park. Then it's home, eat dinner and do the dishes amidst much moving of Quigley from the house to the back yard, to the house, to the yard, etc. (depending on his behavior, which is often bad in the evening). During this time I try to get a blog post in. Which maybe makes it obvious why sometimes I just can't get it together to do one.

Have a great Labor Day Weekend. We're in for lots of rain. (We're having a big thunderstorm right now, in fact.) I still love the rain, but I am very ready for all this humidity to GO AWAY.