Monday, February 27, 2006

Owl in a Tree

My husband found this Great Horned owl sitting in a Eucalyptus tree yesterday on his morning run and brought me back to see it. We're pretty sure it's sitting on a nest.

I feel like this owl today, sitting on a nest and nothing is happening. The eggs just sit there, like... eggs. So it is with the story. It's a simmer day as I suspected it would be.

That's because I've begun to address Chapter 14 and I almost never make much measurable progress the first day of starting a new chapter. As usual, in between looking through my notes and doing nonstop writings, I found myself reading weblogs, checking email, going through old magazines, ironing (!) and ordering books off Amazon. I have gleaned a few things about the scene though: I know when, I know where and I know who, and I even know part of the what. Still working on the why, though.

Now it's off for my walk