Thursday, July 20, 2006

A Writer's Avoidance Techniques

1. Check the email
2. If nothing is there, go to
3. If your page hasn’t changed, check B&N or Christianbook
4. Go back to Amazon and begin checking all the sales rankings of every recent book you can think of.
5. Look at the various lists of books they provide.
6. If there is a bad review on your page, spend a good deal of time stewing about it.
7. Write in your journal about the bad review.
8. Write in your journal about how blocked you feel.
9. Make a list of avoidance techniques.
10. Read a magazine. If all the magazines are gone, read your husband’s Handball magazine. Or a catalog.
11. Go read one of your earlier books. You can spend hours on this.
12. Count the number of fan letters your first book received in its first month and compare that to the number your second book received.
13. Do this for as many consecutive months as your second book has been out.
14. Answer emails.
15. Write your blog. Edit and republish it a gazillion times.
16. Go searching for pictures for your blog on Flickr.
17. Read everyone else's blogs.
18. Write comments on others’ blogs.
19. Read your own blog -- there might be comments. Instead, notice an error and edit and republish it. Again.
20. Check out your own website to see if anything has changed.


Want to add to the list?