Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Galleys Are Coming

So this morning I spent several hours with the HP tech figuring out my printer is shot and I need to get a new one. Then I left for Wednesday lunch and returned to a message from my editor: the galleys are done! They may be on their way even now. If not they'll be sent out tomorrow and arrive Friday. Whew! I barely got my newsletter out today, and haven't even started getting caught up on email. Since we're hosting our third annual Arizona Bible Conference this weekend, so I won't be able to work on anything until Monday. I have about two weeks to go through the galleys...

But I've learned nothing if not that the Lord has everything under control, so I won't sweat it. We are all really looking forward to the conference here in Tucson. So many friends, old and new will be flying in. It should be great, even though, after all our months of dry weather and blue sky and mild temperatures, it's supposed to rain this weekend. And drop into the 50's as daytime highs. Yes, it's raining right now, but I don't always believe the weathermen, and everything could be cleared up by the tomorrow. In any case, as I said, the Lord has everything under control.