Sunday, January 21, 2007

SNOW in Tucson!!! and a Blog Tour

I have 461 pages of galleys before me marked with almost that many flags of issues to deal with, and today it started SNOWING!!! Snow in Tucson! Last time it happened was in April of '95, I think. Talk about a big time distraction. But I'm using it. Do a little work, then go back and look out the window again. When I saw the snow on the palm trees tonight, though, I just had to take a picture...

As the title alludes to, it's also time for another blog tour, this one featuring the young adult fantasy trilogy of Wayne Thomas Batson: The Door Within, Rise of the Wyrm Lord, and The Final Storm, which released last September. I'm sure regular readers of this blog will not be surprised to learn I haven't read them, but others on the tour are quite excited about the series and it's apparently been doing very well on Amazon. Tina Kulesa was eagerly looking forward to putting up her comments on the series for this tour, as was Rebecca Miller , and Sharon Hinck has already posted a very nice interview with Mr. Batson. (One I could totally relate to, by the way.)

For straight from the horse's mouth material, check out The Door Within web site and Wayne Thomas Batson's blog as well. Wayne, a middle school English and Reading teacher, has some nifty artwork he's done himself using a digital art program called Bryce 3D (Daz Studios) to promote the series. Pretty cool.

While others are busy touring I'll have my nose to the grindstone, going through my pile of 461 pieces of paper and their accompanying post-it flags. Some of the the glitches are minor, but others are major, head-banging issues that send me to the Lord screaming "HELP!!!" And I have only ten days to get it done. But don't mind me...

Other folks on the tour this time are listed below. Enjoy!

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