Friday, March 09, 2007

Quick Update

My computer is finally up and running again, and most of my files have been transferred, as well as my email addresses and messages. Only my Internet bookmarks remain to be changed over. Yesterday I set up my new printer. It's much heavier than the other one, and I've not had a chance to really try it out, but so far I like it a lot.

The thing with the antivirus problem resolved itself when I did an online chat with an HP support tech. Apparently the program's inability to run any LiveUpdates is as it should be until I purchase and install the complete version of Norton Internet Security (as opposed to the trial version which came with the computer.) The box said I was to get sixty days worth of complementary LiveUpdates. So then, why is the program telling me urgently, with throbbing red hearts, red X's and red exclamation points, that I need to run LiveUpdate and get my virus definitions up to date? Because it wanted me to freak out and buy the full program ASAP, I think.

I did buy it, but I had already planned on doing that. When I began to look into things more carefully I discovered that the option in the NIS settings to run automatic LiveUpdates was running properly -- right under the option with the red X telling me I needed to "run LiveUpdate for the latest protection updates." Though they aren't really presented as options.

I wonder how many people ignore all the furor, and how many fall into the trap like I did?

Anyway, the current storm is nearly over. Now I start round two on the glasses.