Thursday, March 29, 2007

Which Outlet?

One of my commenters on last Sunday's post said he had gotten so excited to learn of RotGK's release that he ordered it from Bethany House, even though he wasn't sure they'd even be ready to send it. That got me to wondering which venue is the quickest for receiving the new release of a not-best-selling book.

I'd love to hear from readers of this blog regarding where you ordered/purchased the book and when you got it. You can email me (see my profile) or leave a comment and I'll do a little report on the results. Since I have a theory that those closest to Bethany House (or the distributer) will get the books quickest, let me know the city and state where you got the book (received it in the mail, or bought it from a store).

I also find it interesting that Amazon gives the release date as April 1, whereas Christian Book says April 20. Another interesting thing is that CBD no longer offers Arena, but Amazon's still selling it new -- though admittedly it's no longer "in stock" and takes 4 - 6 weeks to ship.

Whatever the case, it won't be long now...