Tuesday, March 06, 2007

The Schedule Assaulted

Well, I thought I would start putting up two posts a week, seeing as I was moved to put one up last Wednesday. Unfortunately, I also started a routine. And sure enough, I'd barely executed one week of it, when it got blasted to smithereens.

I picked up my new glasses on Friday, and they were better than before, but still not good enough to wear for the drive home. I was told to start wearing them Saturday morning after a night's sleep, so I did. Uuughgh... I wore them much longer this time than last, but I was constantly feeling like I couldn't see. It was hard to do anything.

Also on Saturday morning, my computer crashed. Sort of. It would go on sometimes and not others. After it went on, sometimes it would get really slow and hang up, other times it would work fine for awhile and then get slow and then get fine again only to hang up again. I saved my writing files and a few other folders, but not much more. For one, it was because I didn't have enough time, and for another because I didn't really think it was crashing. I didn't save my email addresses.

Anyway, my husband decided the next day that I needed a new computer. Long story short, I have a new one. That part is really Cool!

The uncool part is that the old one is sitting beside me, no longer hooked up, with all my email addresses on it, and most of my other stuff. Worse, we tried to install our Norton antivirus program, but it's not compatible with the new operating system (we had to get Windows Vista because that's what all new computer packages are coming with these days). So then I tried to install the new Norton antivirus program, only to discover the old one is partially installed -- just enough to prevent the new one from getting any virus definition updates, but not enough to be easily uninstalled...

Did I mention that I also "started" working on Black Box last Thursday? This is too funny.

Oh yeah, and I finally gave up on the glasses by Monday. The thought of putting them on and then working on the computer was just too much. I was having headaches by then, a bit of nausea, and my left eye especially felt as if it was constantly trying to see, especially when working on the computer. They tell you that you might need to wear new glasses for two weeks before you get used to them. But when you can put on your old pair and relieve the discomfort and see better at the same time... I can't see why I should torture myself for two weeks trying to make the new pair work.

So anyway, just as everything was starting to fall into place, it was like a bomb dropped. But this morning as I opened up one of my older notebooks, I was reminded: we have a powerful, unseen enemy. "He is a hunter. He prowls about looking for ways to drag you down. He doesn't want God's truth taught or communicated and he will oppose that... If you're doing something to glorify God, He will be trying to drag you down, get into your soul, get you away from doctrine, and from God's predesigned plan and calling on your life."

The solution? "Hold your ground. Resist the devil and He will flee from you. Hold your ground in the day that evil attacks. Stand firm in your doctrine (the truths of the Word that you know and believe)."

Back to the trenches,