Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Reader Responses to the Faith Elements

Yesterday I expressed a few of my thoughts about objections that the faith elements were too evident in the Guardian King books, particularly Return of the Guardian King. I knew from the outset that some readers would not like the tack I took, but from the responses I've been receiving from readers, I am satisfied with the direction I took. Below are a few such responses:
"I find it Godincidental that this very week I needed a powerful illustration about God’s timing, and of course I finish the book at that very time. You wove that message, that His way is always better than our own, into the plot very movingly. I saw it in bks 1-3, of course, but it was even more effective here. I know references to ROTGK will appear in my journal throughout the year as I face this issue. It’s awesome how God uses stories to convey spiritual truths to us." ~ Sara M

"I wanted to tell you how much I've enjoyed reading your books, particularly the Guardian King series. Each time a new one comes out, I begin reading and immediately get caught up into the characters' lives and world.

"But I also (happily) find that once I start reading, I'm even more caught up in the spiritual aspects of the books, Return of the Guardian King especially. In fact, many of the principles in RotGK have lined up with the last few weeks of Church and Bible Study lessons. But having these principles put into story form has given me an even greater understanding of the things He is wanting to teach me. So thank you so much for writing what you do. Your stories have ministered and continue to minister to me and help me see in a clearer light some of the ways God is working in my life." ~ Ashley

"What hit me the most was that I saw a lot of Job in Abramm in this story. Sometimes I look at a person in the Bible and I've heard there stories over and over, that I tend to glance over something. A story like Abramm, in which I didn't know where it was going, pulled Job into more of a real person to me. I was hoping for a happy ending, but book three told me that I had no idea what to expect in this one." ~Corey

"Your writing has touched my life in a way few writers ever have; the descriptions of the struggles all the characters, especially Abramm, have to endure and overcome synchronize with emotions and obstacles within my own life. Your gift at writing fiction and fantasy in an enjoyable form whose themes are still applicable to everyday life is amazing to me. Your books have helped me hang on to my faith, even as I have questioned it and tested it through the past two years." ~ Sara S

"I cried, I laughed, I feared for the characters. Your writings elicit all the things an excellent writer should be able to do. I am most appreciative of how you are able to take real life struggles in the christian life - such as the battle within oneself to follow the truth revealed to us by God; the self -doubt; self incrimination; the wrestling back from God a burden we just gave up to Him 5 minutes ago." ~Mark

"I've loved fantasy all my life and have read tons of fantasy and science fiction books. You've done something very special with your wonderful books. Every fantasy book I've read has some form of spiritualism - I've often wondered, 'Why not the REAL thing?' You did it!! The God of the Universe in honored. I have been challenged to see the Lord as ever present more than ever, as in control, truly the Lord. That's as it should be, and is a growing reality for me." ~ Grandma

"Before I came upon your books I often wondered how good it would be if someone were to write a series of fantasy novels that had to do with the sin principle in man and dying to self and finding rest in Christ. Your books excel in that area and beyond that…its just a fantastic story with wonderful characters." ~ Tim