Monday, April 03, 2006

20 hours on the road

Photo: San Francisco Peaks, Flagstaff, AZ

Well we had a whirlwind trip, driving up to Flagstaff in northern Arizona on Friday, then on to Moab, Utah, on Saturday for the memorial service of my husband's uncle. On Saturday morning we packed the car in a light snow flurry -- what a treat for us poor southwesterners who rarely see even rain. The drive was fantastic, rain showers sprinkling us now and then as the clouds swept dramatically across great vistas formed by the vast mesas that make up the area. I always get inspired to paint, but all I did this trip was snap a shot of the San Francisco Peaks outside our hotel room in Flagstaff on Sunday morning. All the best shots truly seem to be from the middle of the freeway... We left Moab Saturday evening and returned to Flag, then came home the next day. Twenty hours in the car. But we have no regrets.

I got no writing done, but knew I wouldn't, so I ended up with finishing chapter 16 as of the end of March, six chapters short of my goal of ch 22. Then today I realized that since I had decided last week to split chapter 3 into two chapters, I could go through and re-number everything and ... ta da! I had actually finished through chapter 17. Which puts me only five chapters back. Hey, I'll take whatever progress I can get.

Today was a decompression day. I did laundry and sat around waiting for my creative cupboards to open and scenes to pour forth. Alas, only a few snatches of dialog showed up, but together they made up 3 1/2 pages of Chapter 18. It's a start.

I want to thank all you who commented on my "doors are closing" post. Glad it was helpful and I appreciate the feedback. Tomorrow, maybe I'll do part 2 on it...

Resting in Him,