Sunday, April 23, 2006


Remember the Great Horned owl we found sitting on its nest in a Eucalyptus tree back in February? ("Owl in a Tree") Well, the eggs have hatched and the owlets have emerged! From the size of them, I'd say they hatched some time ago. There are actually three of them in this picture, but you can only see the faces of two.

The amazing thing about this nest is that the tree is right beside the lane where the schoolbuses at a local high school unload. The nest itself is in a crook of that tree about 8 or nine feet from the ground. When we arrived today to take their pictures another group of photographers was already there. The owlets watched us all with interest for awhile, then the one on the left dozed off. No fear there. We don't know where their mama was. Probably searching for lunch.

How very cool!