Tuesday, August 21, 2007

CE and BCE

In researching the Maya today, I discovered that BC and AD are no longer the terms of choice for historical reckoning. Instead we have... CE. That stands for Common Era or Current Era or (if you really must) Christian Era. Years previous to that time are said to be BCE -- Before Common Era. I had to look it up. Wikipedia says...

"The term "Common Era" is preferred by some as an alternative to the overtly Christian "AD" and "BC," since "Common Era" does not use religious titles for Jesus such as "Christ" and "Lord," which are used in the BC-AD notation. Andrew Herrmann, writing in the Chicago Sun-Times, observes, "The changes — showing up at museums, in academic circles and in school textbooks — have been touted as more sensitive to people of faiths outside of Christianity."

After 2000 years of reckoning our years based on the life of Christ that is now coming to an end. Yet another indication that we are in the end times. Which seems weirdly apprpriate since once the rapture comes, it isn't going to be the "Christian era" any longer. The kingdom of darkness seems to be getting a head start on that now.