Monday, August 06, 2007

Distraction for August

Well, the distraction for August arrived promptly. Last Wednesday night, August 1, Stu and I were walking around the park at a good clip, and were almost done when I accidentally stepped on the edge of the asphalt path, which is about four or five inches higher than the surrounding hard-packed dirt. It threw me off-balance, I took a big lunge to recover, then another, and another, trying desperately to regain my balance. Alas, I failed and went down hard, all of my weight falling on my outstretched left hand. My arm/wrist broke on impact (along with my watchband) -- both bones, one of them in two places. Surgery is scheduled, so a pin can be put in. Which means I’ve another 6 – 8 weeks of dealing with broken bones.

This is considerably worse than the fibula, both in terms of pain and in terms of being disabled: I don't type very fast one-handed. But I know without a doubt that this is a part of God’s plan for my life, chosen deliberately for me in eternity past for my highest and best. He will provide all I need to go through this. I have already learned much about severe pain, for one thing, and am learning even more about waiting…this will no doubt show up in a book!

And since I finished ch 8 the morning before the accident, I was just about to start contemplating what I have to do in ch 9. Looks like I'll have lots of time to do that, now…