Sunday, August 26, 2007

Carpal Tunnel

The broken arm is mending. I'm not having so much trouble with the swelling as I was, though if I overdo, the cast still gets really tight, my fingers swell and my arm starts hurting. Then I have to lie down and elevate it. Still I was enjoying longer and longer times of doing chores and on Saturday, I even got back to writing.

Sunday, though, I awoke with carpal tunnel in my right hand -- pain and intermittent numbness from having to do the work of two hands combined with too much writing longhand and working with the mouse on Saturday. There'd been glimmers of this in the last week with bouts of the tingling and numbness in my thimb & forefinger, but I ignored it.

The end result: once again I have to scale back and do nothing "productive."

I'm learning patience, acceptance of God's timing and how to trust Him completely for this time and the book I'm unable to work on. I've also got an opportunity to focus on the blessings I'm still receiving, rather than the disappointments anf frustrations and enjoy my life -- even these slow and seemingly "wasted" days.

Because of the carpal tunnel though, I'm going to try to stay away from the computer, so I'll be taking a break from the blog this week. Check back next Tuesday (the day after Labor day) for my next post and a progress report. (Eventually, at least, I should have quite a run of movie and book reviews!)

Grace and peace,