Monday, September 03, 2007

An Update

Well, last Thursday, I saw my orthopedic surgeon and he took out the nails. (Really, "pins" is a euphemism. They were 3-4 inches long and about a thick in diameter as framing nails.) He used a pair of pliers to get them out and had to tug pretty hard to do it. It hurt and felt weird but wasn't all that bad, and I much prefer having them gone.

He also made it clear that the break is very bad and I "did a lot of damage" which was evident this time from the x-rays. I'm going to be in physical therapy for months. And the swelling and need to elevate my arm is not going to end until I get the new cast off in 3 weeks.

The carpal tunnel problems in my right hand that I mentioned last post, continued through this last week and have not really abated even today. I've been reduced to reading, praying, watching movies or just sitting and staring out the window. It's been strange to be so... unproductive, though I've been at peace about it. It's obvious this is where God wants me for a time, so this is where I want to be. I know He's working, just not exactly clear on what.

Not wanting to push the typing/carpal tunnel problems, I'm going to take another week off from the blog. Check back next Tuesday for my next entry.