Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Christian SF & Fantasy Blog Tour

I just wrote 8+ pages of chapter 25 -- in about two hours no less -- and to celebrate I went blogging. And just discovered that this week, there is a "blog tour" afoot highlighting Christian SF/F. It's focused on Tim Francovich's Christian Fiction Review site, largely because Tim has been so generous in his reviewing of the genre -- to the point of actually setting up what appears to be a permanent focus page on Christian SF/F.

You can start the blog here, at Becky Miller's site:


I've come in a bit late so there may be more than one post at some of the sites (or none as of yet). Several people are sponsoring book giveaways, in addition to contribuing some interesting commentary and reviews. My blog is not officially on the tour, but if things continue as well as they have today {what's that hysterical laughter I'm hearing?}, I might actually find time, energy and brain cells enough to comment on others' posts here or there.