Monday, May 08, 2006


Well, I finished chapters 20 and 23 over the weekend (had parts of each to complete and I did). Today I took the dog to the vet, went through the pile of papers, catalogs and magazines on the dining room table, most of which I threw away... and then could not seem to make myself concentrate on anything. Technically I've started ch 24, but all I did was transfer a couple of pages of material I'd saved from an earlier chapter that I thought might go here... and then nothing. I think I might be tired.

Yesterday after church I came home and crashed. I ended up taking a nap, which I rarely do, and went to bed early. Today my brain still didn't want to work, even to read fiction for fun or magazines -- it all seemed too hard -- plus I had a headache, which is often a sign I'm tired.

So, mental work being a bust, I cleaned the house and did some ironing.

Maybe tomorrow will see more progress.