Friday, May 26, 2006

Even Tolkien

Lots of stuff going on around here lately -- Bear (the dog) has had to go to having his fluids administered daily now (from every three days) plus extra medications that have to be timed around his eating. We've had doctor's appointments (an hour waiting at the vet for what was to be a five minute blood draw), a birthday, an anniversary and various other distractions... um... like the season finales of Lost and 24...

But I want to thank Michelle for giving me the idea for today's post in her comment on yesterday's blog about Tolkien and Lewis struggling...

This is from Overcoming Writing Blocks, a book I've mentioned before. It's one of the many writer quotes sprinkled throughout the text:

"I play patience, or draw marvelously intricate patterns on backs of old newspapers while I'm solving the crossword. Then I feel ashamed and try to get back to work, but the phone rings or Edith calls me to tea, so I put it off for a later day." ~ J.R.R. Tolkien