Thursday, April 05, 2007

Adventures in Computering

Yesterday I signed and packed up books, took them to the post office, dropped bookmarks off at the Christian bookstore and met my friends for lunch. Today I hoped to get back to work on Black Box, right after I wrote a quick first draft of my long overdue newsletter, and answered a bit of my once again lengthy backlog of emails. Alas...

Sometimes life is like a treasure hunt. You set out to find one thing and go on this convoluted trip through all sorts of other stops you never envisioned. I did indeed get down a rough draft of the newsletter, though first I had to download Textpad since it hadn't made the jump from my old computer to my new one.

That went off fine, but then, since my newsletter was going to link to an excerpt of Return of the Guardian King, I thought I'd better find one and get it posted on my website. But first I needed to compose a webpage for that book, which I hadn't done yet. So I got those done, no problem and then realized that in addition to Textpad, I also hadn't installed my ftp uploading software on the new computer.

The old program was on a disk, but for some reason wouldn't install on the new computer. So I went looking for another program, downloaded it, and began the task of trying to figure out how to use it. That's the experience that makes you feel something like a chimpanzee, pushing buttons here and there and suddenly something works but you have no idea what exactly, or why. I got the relevant pages uploaded (there were about five in the end) only to discover that the two most important ones had all their links corrupted. And after I painstakingly corrected them all, the excerpt refused to upload...

Frustrated, I finally went back to the disk with the old familiar program again, clicked on something I didn't think would lead to anything and discovered I could actually use it right off the disk, without having to install it. So that's what I did. I had to go back and fix all the corrupted links but once done, the old, familiar ftp program uploaded them just fine. After that it was time to go to the Y.

Oh, and for some reason Feedblitz is not sending out my posts this week, so I also spent some time trying to figure out why. I never did. And when I clicked the Feedblitz link to "contact us" I found myself faced with yet another wizard wanting to help me set up Windows Outlook on my computer so I could email Feedblitz. I don't use Windows Outlook, and didn't know the answers to the questions the wizard was asking me, so I just closed it and wrote to them through Windows Mail. Naturally there has been no response, and the irrational part of me fears it's because I refused to use Outlook.

So, after all that, I got no work done on Black Box. Oh well... There's always tomorrow!