Thursday, April 26, 2007


I've been distracted today. Did a bit of thinking on Black Box. It's going every which way. Suddenly decisions I'd thought were made are being rethought. Suddenly I have to go through one of my protagonists' backgrounds all over again and decide if that's really want I want to do. And after I decide that, how I am going to reveal it all and at what pace.

It seems weird to me that I've been allegedly working on this book for two months and don't seem to have really done any work. Of course, on the surface that's been entirely true with all the interruptions and distractions. Until this week, though, most were not of my making, or else were things I deemed important. Now I just seem to be avoiding.

It's a familiar place. I'm simmering. I know that. But it's been two months now that I've been simmering. Impatience swells...

I catch it. No. I'm trusting the Lord for this, remember? And when you trust someone, you don't try to figure out how to do things yourself, you let them do it. You don't think about it, you just wait patiently for them to work. When am I going to finally understand that? When am I finally going to just wait, confidently, knowingly and stop having these bursts of "Oh NO! I'm not making any progress! I HAVE to get going! I HAVE to get something done!"

Deep breath. Recall that it can be a slow process...

Ps 112:4 “Light rises in the darkness for the upright.” It may be a gradual thing, imperceptible at first as the coming of the dawn, but long before we see it, the cock crows and there are stirrings. There is no question the dawn will come. We have only to wait. ~ Elisabeth Elliot

Another deep breath. Yes. Like the dawning of a new day, it comes gradually, and maybe almost without my realizing it.