Sunday, July 08, 2007

The Boot is Gone

I'm free of the Boot! Last Tuesday I went to see the Orthopedic surgeon and he said that I can stop wearing my boot (which as served as a removable cast) unless I'm going to walk a long distance or over uneven ground. Which means I've pretty much ditched it. There's almost no pain now in the ankle, just twinges now and then if I move wrong, catch my foot on something and pull it wrong, sit with it down too long or stand too long.
Since I can drive now, too, I feel pretty much back to normal. The only thing left now is to regain full range of motion and work my way back up to my three mile walks. Hooray!

Meanwhile I continue to crawl through chapter 5 and 6 of Black Box. I spent Saturday looking through floor plans of various genetics and biology laboratories because suddenly I needed to make up a floor plan in order to choreograph the current scene. Then I spent a couple of hours coming up with the external shape of my "Ziggurat" shaped Institute.

And I'm continuing to read The Human Experiment by Jane Poynter, ("Two years and Twenty Minutes Inside Biosphere 2) -- a behind the scenes account 0f life in Biosphere 2, and all that led up to it, as well. It's fascinating and giving me much grist for the mill. Since I'd followed the whole Biosphere 2 story as it was unfolding at the time, and have since been to the place a few years ago, it's been especially intriguing.

My plan for the blog this week is to address several questions about Return of the Guardian King that have come in from readers. I'll try to leave spoiler space (I'm thinking about making the words invisible unless you click and drag to highlight them...) for any who haven't read the book yet. The questions include one that relates to my focus on Chesedh vs Kiriath. What about Gillard and Simon Sr? Why did I choose to resolve the conflict between Abramm and Gillard as I did? Will there be a sequel?

If you have other questions related to RotGK you'd like to see answered in the blog, remember you can always email me through the profile on the right.