Thursday, July 05, 2007

Is God First?

Tonight's Bible Class was a continuation of teaching begun last week on God's laws for prosperity. The first law is, "Always keep God First." You should test yourself to see if that is the case, because many times we can tell ourselves He is, but the reality of our lives might say something entirely different.

How can we know if God is first in our lives? Well, Pastor Bob listed several questions we can use to "examine ourselves to see if we are in the faith":

1. Do I start each day by first spending some time with Him -- talking to Him, thanking Him for all He's provided, asking for guidance throughout the day?

2. Do I set definite goals of studying God's word on a daily basis, preferably from my right pastor teacher live or same day, but also through personal study?

3. Do I actually place God ahead of each member of my family?

4. Is God always more important to me than my friends? Or do I let them take me way from my time with Him and my study of His word?

5. Do I spend more time seeking God each day than watching TV or pursuing hobbies -- reading, surfing the Internet, playing games, etc?

6. Is God more important to me than any possession that I have? Or possessions that I'd like to have? Am I willing to spend time driving around shopping at night, but too tired to do Bible Class?

7. Is seeking God through his Word on a day to day basis more important to me than seeking financial prosperity? Am I too busy working at the the world's way of gathering prosperity to spend time on my relationship with God?

Good questions to put somewhere handy to remind ourselves of who should be first. Because there is an entire system out there determined that anything should come first for us but God.

Have a great weekend,