Sunday, July 29, 2007

Power Outage

Well, the huge storm that I reported on last week was nothing compared to what we had on Saturday. This is a picture of the blowing gusts of rain. It looked like fog but wasn't. I've never seen anything like it.

That happened when the storm first blew through from the west. There's even a scrap of our car canopy (shredded by the storm on Tuesday) there, which no doubt was blown out of one of the trees. We keep finding bits of it in various places. Something like 11 power poles snapped along one of the roads in Tucson on Saturday. That day, though the rain started violently, the storm didn't move on like they usually do. It just rained and rained all afternoon. Streets filled up, intersections flooded, all our dry riverbeds became rushing muddy torrents. Not surprisingly, there have been nonstop power outages.

Speaking of those, after my rainbow post a friend from Texas emailed me with the most wonderful observation.

"Since my house is all electric," she said, "like you there is not much that one can accomplish without the flow of electric current."

When she said this I immediately thought of the spiritual life -- which she mentioned in the next line as well. What a perfect line to analogize getting back into fellowship after we sin! As believers our houses are "all electric" and there isn't a thing we could accomplish without the flow of the Holy Spirit... I love it!

And while during a power outage you give thanks for all the service people that jump to the task of getting the power back online, we in our spiritual life can give thanks that Jesus died on the cross for every sin we'd ever commit so that all we have to do is turn on the switch. We create our own power outages, reacting to circumstances or people in life, and Jesus already did the grueling work that allows the power to go back on as soon as we're ready to throw the switch. Without it, our souls are as dark and useless as an all-electric house without power.

Happy Monday!