Monday, August 14, 2006

Baying Bear

Hounds are, not surprisingly, vocal dogs. In fact, the baying is another thing we love about hounds. Bear enjoys having conversations with us from time to time. For example, he will do a little half bark outside, letting me know he wants to come in. So I go and open the bedroom window to the back yard and ask him if he really wants in. And he tells me that he does. I ask if he's really sure and he assures me he is really sure...

His voice is huge (one set of neighbors complained that he sounded like a seal, but I think they must have not heard many seals). When he barks it will degauss the computer screen. In fact, when he stands at the front window and barks at "intruders" daring to walk down the street, he hurts his own ears. You hear him baying and then he breaks off to shake his head. More baying, more ear shaking...

Which was a clue I should have taken note of before I thought it would be a good idea to put my tomato plant seedlings near the window. I think they were there for a day and then some dog went by. Bear went ballistic as he always does and with the intermittent ear shaking managed to chop all but one of my seedlings into itty bitty pieces. Death by ear flailing. That's got to be a new one.

I'm not making any reports on what's going on with RotGK until tomorrow when perhaps I'll have something signficant to report!