Sunday, August 13, 2006

Bible Conference: God's Love & Mercy in Prophecy

The New England conference is over and God had some wonderful concepts to teach me. The lesson on obedience, which launched my previous post, also included the coolest analogy using those voice navigation systems they have in cars these days. When you're driving and you don't do what the navigation system says -- say you're supposed to turn right at the next intersection but you miss it -- it doesn't throw a fit and boot you out of the car. It just calmly and coolly says, "Recalculating the route." So it is with God when we blow it as Believers. He doesn't throw a fit, and boot us out of the car. He just says, "Recalculating the route." I love it.

Other snippets --

When do you plan to replace passive self-pity with active courage?

Your life can be a walking epistle in the way that you think and can be read by other men because of what you've gone through and how you've persevered and did not quit in spite of all the obstacles. What is your unjust situation or disadvantage in life? Make it your pulpit! Use it to reveal to a lost and dying world how you're going through something but there's a Love and Mercy that will come through for you...

Relationships are NOT reciprocal. Unconditional virtue (agape) love is one-way. You don't give a lot and wait for the recipient to love you back. No. When the angels fell, God loved them more. When Adam and the woman fell, God loved them more and did more for them, not less.

The prophecies of God are designed to reveal His love and mercy and to give us confidence that we are on the right track.

There are over 1000 specific prophecies in the Bible, of which some 500 have been fulfilled.

The mathematical probability of just 11 of the prophecies about Jesus's birth being accurately fulfilled is, by conservative estimate, 1 in 10 to the 19th power. One in ten billion billons... for just 11 of them.

There comes a time you will have to go forward with God's plan for your life and leave friends and family members behind. Jesus didn't come to get us all involved and reconciled with each other but to divide. (Mt 10:34-38)

If the scripture teaches us anything about God, it is that HE IS FOR US!

Consider the work of God. Who is able to straighten what God has bent? (Eccl 7:13) We think things should go a certain way and then they don't at all. What is God doing? He knows. We don't and we can't straighten what He's bent back to the way we think it ought to be. Nor would we even want to if we had all the facts.

I feel like I've been feasting for a week. Fabulous, amazing stuff.