Thursday, August 31, 2006

Small Assignment

Well, even after we're clearly told to wait, sometimes it's hard. This morning I stayed on task, and ended up smashing a bunch of miscellaneous scenes together that seemed to be important. That made the chapter WAAAY too long. Weeping, wailing, gnashing of teeth loomed as temptations. Maybe I gave in a little... but I kept confessing frustration, fear, angst, and the arrogance of unrealistic expectations before any of them got out of hand. I was told to wait. In contentment and confidence.

I recalled again the promises that the Lord would do it, that He would provide, and I also remembered something from one of my writing block books about how very often right before a solution comes it seems like you're further away from it than ever. By that measure I was in good shape, because it seemed to me the solution must be out beyond Andromeda...

I read some of my homemade devotionals... about not trying to plan too much and take control, but to let God's plan and guidance unfold moment by moment... I started just sitting before Him, asking for His direction and waiting.

And somewhere in there I remembered small assignments. Oh yeah! The yoke is easy. The burden is light! I don't have to overwhelm myself with thoughts of how much I have to do. I only have to come up with a small, simple task! So I did.

First assignment: read all 26 hard copy pages of chapter 9 and write down one thought about it when I finished. That would be easy.

And it was. In the process, I came up with some new ideas and made lots of changes and cuts in the first 4 pages during the read-through. So my next small assignment would be simply to enter those into the computer. I did that, changed, cut, added some more as I was moved, and by the time I was done I was almost to end of page 5. At that point, a man with two books enters the scene, so the next small assignment was simply to describe the books.

Hey, this is cool. Step by simple step I'm making progress.

"Add a little to a little. Do it again and soon that little will be a LOT."