Monday, May 14, 2007

A Busy Weekend

We had a busy weekend, what with a young friend's graduation, a party afterward, church, Mother's Day celebrations and the weekend chores and other activities. By last night, having eaten a huge meal out at one of the Dude Ranches near Tucson, I was too tired to think of anything to post.

You may have noticed, though, that I now have a banner photo for my blog! On Saturday, I got the idea to check Blogger's layout page to see if I might put up an image and lo and behold it was as easy as uploading a photo to the posts themselves. So I fooled around with cropping one of the storm-cloud pictures I'd taken in my front yard last summer and that's the origin of the banner photo. I like it a lot.

And last night, while in stupor-mode, I also rewatched at last Wednesday's episode of Lost to see the face/person that shows up briefly in one of the later scenes. I thought I wouldn't like watching the show on my computer screen but it was really good. The picture was clear and once I get engaged in the story, my environs seem to fade from awareness. And the face... well, we froze it and fiddled around with it in powerpoint, making it a bit clearer and lighter, but we still can't agree on who it is. Is it Richard? A stranger? Guess we'll just have to wait til next week.