Sunday, May 06, 2007


Well, though I had hoped to write a rough draft of the end of the second scene in Chapter 1 over the weekend, I didn't. But I got the laundry done, and went to the Y, and read Golden Fool (stayed up way too late last night doing it, too. Again.). Today was Communion Sunday (great message on forgiveness) and the pot luck. We had friends show up that we hadn't seen in ages so it was pretty exciting.

After that I came home to... deep breath... download the Norton Removal Tool, remove all the Symantec products currently installed on my computer and then reinstall the full program that I bought three months ago after I had that lengthy conversation with the tech support people at HP. My virus update subscription had expired and it was time.

It took me about six hours all together, I think (largely because I decided to try installing it without removing everything first, which was a waste of time.) But it's done. Next will be to tackle the switch to a new newsletter service.

I also made chocolate chip cookies. And did the ironing. And finished up some Mother's Day cards. Tomorrow I have a couple of routine lab tests that will take up the afternoon, but I'm hoping to make some good progress in the morning. I have the scene mapped out and only intend to write a rough sketch of it -- I'm not even sure I'll keep it. It might only be that I need to write it, to see how the story is going, and that once it's written I can delete it. We'll see.