Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Link Problems

Well, I just discovered the link to my All Time Favorite Books page didn't work. Funny, I thought I'd checked that. I guess not. I checked the html, and sure enough, it was cut off. So I completed the url of the webpage and republished. Still not working. Because it was cut off again.

Admittedly the names I gave my early webpages are not good ones -- unweildy and full of spaces which show up as %20 . Which means that link looks like this:


Yuck. But I make do. Until today, when I discovered that it kept cutting off at the apostrophe. I tried Karen Hancock's Writings. It still didn't like the apostrophe. Turns out even when it doesn't cut off at the apostrophe it won't take you to the webpage .. So I can't link directly to it.

As I said in the corrections of the last post, if you want to access my All Time Favorites Reading List from here (or, if you're on Feedblitz through the email you've gotten) you'll have to navigate through my site. Start at www.kmhancock.com Click on Writings and then on All Time Favorite Books -- A List.