Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Thoughts on Time

I came to Blogger tonight having no idea what I should write. Today went weirdly. I made a small bit of progress on Black Box, organizing my notes, thinking about the next step, etc. I even typed up a page of culled notes -- and then was called away from the computer. When I returned hours later, I was in a hurry to close all my files and ended up deleting the new one without saving.... Oh well..

Anyway, here I sat blankly, praying about what to post tonight and I got the idea to look through some of the files I've made of potential blog posts and came upon these notes on time from one of my Bible Classes. They represent a lot of where I am right now, and it was helpful to me to reread them, so I thought I'd share...

Many things we do in life are monotonous, wearisome, frustrating and difficult. They're exhausting and seem to be a waste of time. 'What am I doing for God in this?' We wonder. But we develop character and virtue and become better people when we accept the monotonous, frustrating and difficult and realize every day is a day God has given us and that everything we do can have meaning, purpose and definition.

Points about Time

1. Being rightly related to time means looking at time as a gift from the Lord. Every day God's saying, "I'm giving you another day."

2. Your attitude toward time should be one of respect. Not cynicism or carelessness. We're to number our days and redeem the time. Every day when you wake up you should thank God for giving you another day to be alive. We DON'T deserve it. It's grace that any of us live.

3. Life has no meaning if we mock and make light of the details of life. You get up, make the bed, shower... if you don't realize God has a Plan for you and He is allowing you to live on this earth to fulfill it, you will disregard the small things, the details of life.

Remember, angels are watching us. Are we contented people? When we are content with what we have, we reveal to the angels that we love God, that we trust God and even though we don't have everything that everyone else has, we still honor Him and respect Him.

God is observing how you do your job. In it you glorify Him by your attitude. He's not interested in how much we're doing for Him, how grand and glorious it is, but in our attitude as we do it.
There's more, but I'll save it for tomorrow. (Plus I need to go retype those lost notes.)