Monday, June 05, 2006

Already Off Schedule

Well, last Thursday I made up my little work schedule for the rest of the month. On Thursday everything went splendidly. I made all my goals. On Friday things fell apart.

I thought chapter 28 would write itself in a couple hours that morning. Instead I ended up having to go back through all the earlier scenes for the plot thread in that chapter, analyze them, and see what actually had happened. By noon I had done that -- and discovered that I have to rewrite ch 16 before I can tackle 28. Since I also had a coherence edit of chapter 6 to finish Friday, I switched to that, hoping to at least get one goal accomplished. Instead I worked all the rest of that day and 9 hours on Saturday on chapter 6. It's done, but the schedule's out the window. And it only lasted one day! I'm not too disappointed nor am I surprised.

106 here yesterday. That's hot. Went to church and then spent most of the afternoon outside talking. When I got home later, I was completely wiped out. Dehydrated I think. So I got nothing done, though my schedule called for passes through chapters 7 & 8. Oh well.

God knew all of this would happen and has made allowances, so I'm not going to sweat it. There's always time to do the will of God... though I often wish He'd build more buffer and run-over days into His schedules. Then again, when you 've known everything that's ever going to happen since eternity past, I don't suppose you really need buffers or run-over days.