Thursday, June 01, 2006

One Month Left

Well, it's June 1. I have one month and five days left to finish this book, and I have at least 12 chapters to go. Plus I have to go back through all the chapters I've written so far and fill in as many of the holes as I can and insert the changes I already know have to be made so the thing will be at least somewhat coherent. I'm up to chapter 3 in the coherence draft...

I think at last it might be time for a schedule... though I have my doubts as to whether it will really do any good. Though schedules do help somewhat in encouraging me to work past my comfort zone in trying to stay on track (often far past my comfort zone, actually...) there are inevitably times when I cannot get the work done in the time I've alotted and then I have to fight with the guilt and angst over that "failure." I guess I'm still feeling my way along as to what works best for me, what the Lord is asking of me, etc. But I think I am going to make one up today and see how long before I go off of it.

I finished chapter 27 last week, and have made substantial progress on chapter 29 -- finished the main scene, in fact. I'm just not sure how long it will be once all the holes are filled in and if I'll have room for a smaller scene tucked in at the end. Thus I don't know if I can call it done or not yet. I'll see what today brings.

Off to work