Thursday, June 08, 2006

Novel Journey Interview

Okay, I know I said I'd do some reflecting on the Artistic Coma today -- it's been one of the most important concepts of my creative process/writing life I've had to internalize -- but I just found out that Novel Journey has put up my interview today. So, if you're interested (and hopefully you are!), please head on over there and check it out. For some reason I completely forgot to mention my website, blog, etc, in the interview, which is typical... I did manage to mention my books. I think...

That reminds me of something Dale Cramer said when he was interviewed there recently:

"I really don’t do much marketing. I enjoy meeting with groups like book clubs, and I do the occasional signing, but for the most part marketing has been unproductive and discouraging for me. I’m no salesman. I have always believed word of mouth is a writer’s best marketing tool, and word of mouth advertising is a byproduct of the quality of a book. Consequently, I feel my energies are far better spent making sure I produce a book readers will recommend to their friends."

Yeah. I can totally relate to that! And speaking of producing a recommendable book... I'd better get back to work. (I'm up to chapter 30 now, and editing ch 9 -- still off schedule but getting closer.)

Tomorrow I will say more about that coma thing...