Monday, June 19, 2006

Crunch Time

Didn't make nearly as much progress as I'd hoped this weekend, but I still haven't decided whether to talk to my editor or not. I'm back on Ch 30, but working on the second scene now, hoping to get that thread done through ch 34. I'm having trouble with the sequence -- logic, timing and dramatic impact all have to work together. So far I'm just floundering. But that's not surprising. Here's a quote I recall to mind frequently, from that same book, Overcoming Writing Blocks:

"It is important to realize that before any problem is solved there is very often a period of frustration -- a time when it seems you are getting absolutely nowhere, that you are further from a solution than ever and that all is hopeless. The harder you think, the more hopeless it becomes. The feeling is natural."

I think it's a quote of a quote, and it is a very common experience for me.

Anyway, crunch time is here. I have three weeks and more or less ten chapters. That's about three a week, which is something that lies just at the outer edge of possibility of my being able to do it. If only the distractions and intrusions and problems will stop. (Ha! Fat chance of that.) Okay, if only I can be firm about ignoring the distractions and intrusions and problems and just keep my head down and my eyes focused on this book. (Btw, I calculated it out yesterday and ch 30 is equivalent to mile 20 of a Marathon, the mile where you hit The Wall...)

Today, though, I'm going to try just writing the chapter, even if my head is blank and I don't know where I'm going. It's going to be uncomfortable, but if I expect that, it does help...

Oh yeah, and there is another Fantasy blog tour going this week in conjunction with the release of Donita Tompkins' new dragon novel, DragonKnight. Unfortunately I doubt I'll be much involved, (see above) but the list of those who are is at A Christian Worldview of Fiction.

I will be posting a blurb later in the week in conjunction with my friend Sharon Hinck's debut novel Blog Tour... but that's already written.

Okay, to work