Thursday, June 22, 2006

Blog Tour: Sharon Hinck

Sharon Hinck has been a friend and a faithful supporter of my work, and me, for several years now. She is an excellent writer herself, possessing a wonderful way with words, a great sense of humor and the ability to create living, breathing, very likable characters who immediately upon meeting them seem like old friends. I was introduced to her work through her fantasy novel, The Restorer, which tells the story of a soccer mom wrenched unexpectedly into an alternate world which she is called upon to deliver. It's a parallel to the story of Deborah, the first in a series of three, and I loved it -- even wrote an endorsement for it, something I rarely do.

We have been waiting now for the Lord to open the doors at just the right time and place for it -- and as it turns out, just yesterday she shared with me the news that those doors have opened. Nav Press has bought all three of the Restorer books, and plans to release them approximately 4 months apart starting June of 07. Hooray!

But that's not our subject today....

Because while Sharon waited for the doors to open for her fantasies, she took a divergent tack, focusing on the more marketable mom aspect of her writing interests to pen The Secret Life of Becky Miller. (No, it is not an expose of the Becky Miller who occasionally comments here and has her own blog, A Christian Worldview of Fiction! LOL)

The new book, which Bethany House is releasing this month, is classified as “mom-lit” though it does incorporate a few fantasy elements in the form of Becky's rich -- the back cover calls them "grandiose" -- adventure-filled daydreams. Sharon’s Becky is a young mother who yearns to do great things for God as she deals with toddlers, laundry, noodle boil-overs, and other domestic crises, only to realize that these days of small things and small choices can be just as important in God's sight as the big ones.

For more about the book visit The Secret Life of Becky Miller, and be sure to check out the different interviews of Sharon (some are very clever departures from the norm!), book reviews and book giveaways on her June blog tour which is kicking off the release of her debut novel.

The Secret Life of Becky Miller is already receiving rave reviews from readers:

"I started reading your book and couldn't put it down. You describe feelings I didn't know how to put into words."

"...the insight (Hinck) brings to Becky's spiritual journey brought tears to my eyes and left me gasping for air. Warning: Do not read this book late at night next to a sleeping husband. You won't be able to put it down and your laughter will awaken him."

"In the style of James Thurber's Walter Mitty, Sharon Hinck delivers an exceptional read that will touch your heart and your funny bone. By the end of the book, you'll feel like Becky Miller is your best friend." —Tim Bete

If you're a young mom who struggles to do it all perfectly, you'll certainly relate to Becky Miller, and even if you're not, the book's a fun, enlightening and well-crafted read.


P.S. Sharon is running a contest for a free book on her website. Her agent came up with some whacky title ideas for future Becky Miller books which she's posted on her “Just for Fun” page. After you read them, send her your own funny ideas. She’ll compile the best ones to post on her site AND draw from the entries. The winner will receive a free autographed copy of THE SECRET LIFE OF BECKY MILLER.