Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Baby Bear

My mind has been much on my dog of late, so I thought I'd do a bit of a retrospective. Bear is our sixth dog and our fourth hound, but our first Redbone Coonhound (papered, in fact). Of them all, he's been the best, though the rest all had their good and endearing qualities as well (except for our schizophrenic German Shorthaired Pointer -- he was the dog from hell.)

Redbones, though, are smaller than the other hounds, and their coats are lighter, the hairs shorter so their shedding isn't so noticeable. The color is incredible. Taking him for a walk in the sun is always a treat because he shines like deep copper with gold burnishes... It always blows me away with how gorgeous it is.

The picture above is him at 8 weeks. You can't see his long tail because it's wagging too fast. My husband picked him out of the litter because he was the most alert, the first one to notice the new arrival and sound the alert. What I love most about hound puppies is their long ears. Their big feet are pretty cute, too.

The day we got him was just after I had received my home schooling books for that year and the box was still on the living room floor. After a long ride from Phoenix he bounded into the house to make friends, ran wildly about sniffing things, then climbed into the open box lying on the floor as if it was the most normal bed in the world and promptly fell asleep.

Since he wasn't moving, I took the opportunity to sketch him. Which is the second picture here. "Bear in the Box."

Finished ch 33 yesterday. On to 34.