Thursday, September 18, 2008

Dihydrogen Monoxide

Today while driving to my dental appointment, I heard a funny clip on the radio from Penn and Teller who got someone to go around at some rally with a petition to ban "dihydrogen monoxide." That's um... H2O. Water. But they presented it in environmental activist terms. "Do you want to sign my petition to ban dihydrogen monoxide? It's now in reservoirs, lakes...Nuclear companies use it, styrofoam companies, pesticide companies.."

They got a LOT of signatures. One woman even said, as the petitioner was listing the things dihydrogen monoxide causes, "I'm familiar with it, yes."

I've embedded it here, but be warned -- there is some not so great language, and just because I've cited it here, doesn't mean I endorse Penn and Teller. Until today, I'd never even heard of them, and some of the other videos they do, which came up on YouTube when I went looking for it, had titles that did not sound at all appealing and were, well, crass, crude and probably profane. Worse, though, was one that indicated they have little respect for the Bible... and possibly outright hostility. I didn't watch it, so I could be wrong, but one of the reasons people give things titles is to draw you into looking closer and I'm not interested in looking closer at some things.

Be that as it may, this video demonstrates the fact that people as a whole really are as the Bible describes us -- grasshoppers, nitwits, foolish, lazy, easily deceived... No wonder Jesus never entrusted Himself to men, nor sought their good opinion -- He knew very well what is in them.

I also liked Penn's conclusion that people join things because they like to be a part of something, and saving the Earth is "sexy." All you have to do is sign this petition to do something vital, huge, noble and crucial like save the Earth. Wow. That's a win-win situation. You get to feel good and you hardly have to put out anything at all... Okay, enough of me. Here's Penn and Teller