Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Plans for America's Demise?

Here's the video I promised.

It's a cut of Senator Obama outlining his plans for our "defense" interspersed with relevant video clips from various news sources of events that have occurred over the last year, the whole of it set to dramatic music.

What struck me even more than Obama's plans, were all the forces that are still working to upgrade their military capabilities, and their unrelenting animosity toward us and toward Israel. Which, of course the Bible has predicted both in the specific with regard to Israel, and in the general, with regard to nations that promote freedom and Christianity. If you were of the world the world would love you. But you are not of the world and so it hates you.

The ironic thing is that, hated and disdained as we are in the world, those of other nations are still happy to take our money and aid, and we still have hordes of them trying to come here to live in our "horrible" country!

Some people might find this video disturbing and even frightening. I don't. I know that God will protect us, as He has all along. As long as the Christians in this country continue to follow His will and plan, growing in grace and knowledge and that as a nation we stand firm on the principles of divine establishment and the protection of Israel, He will continue to do so. If we fail to do that as a nation, and the majority of Christians sink into apostacy, as is foretold in 2nd Timothy, then we will see more episodes of "crisis evangelism" similar to what happened on 911. Whatever happens, though, He will always protect the remnant of His people who remain faithful.

P.S. Quigley is all better. More tomorrow.