Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Trust the Pilot

I had thought for sure I talked about this before (beyond a brief allusion in the post Watching Penguins) but having searched my blog with every combination of words I can think of, I can't find it.

It's my pilot analogy to Faith Rest, with God being the pilot and me being the passenger sitting in my seat reading my book. I was almost certain I'd blogged about this, but I guess I haven't. Anyway, when I get on an airplane, I have to trust the pilot. I have to trust that he actually knows how to fly the plane, that he's going to take me to my destination and not get lost and that he can land us when he gets there.

How silly it would be if I started worrying en route about whether we would get there, left my seat and barged into the cockpit demanding to know our course coordinates, altitute, windspeed, etc. Even if they told me all that, I'd have no idea what it meant. No, I am to simply sit in my assigned seat and read my book (or converse or sleep or... ? ) and let the pilot fly the plane.

So it is with God. He's my pilot. He's flying my plane. I have to trust Him to take me to my destination, and I really don't know how He will do it. I don't know anything about course coordinates, prevailing winds, airspeed, etc. I have to trust that He does. How stupid it would be to spend the flight looking out the window and worrying as I try to figure out if we're in the right place and really going where we are supposed to be going.

It seems so utterly insane to do any of that, yet I do it with God all the time. Most recently I've done it with the book and with Quigley. So it was very cool when on Monday, after I had been clearly told to leave the issue of Quigley's health alone, that someone sent me an email of various pictures of short or precipitous runways. Like the one below. With the title...

Sometimes You have to Trust the Pilot