Thursday, September 25, 2008

Not My Plan

Today was a Not My Plan day. That is to say, my plans were not fulfilled.

Except...if I stand back and really look at it, they were. I got my morning routine done, I did my Thursday trip to the grocery store, I made rice and fed Quigley (multiple times) and he seems to be feeling very energetic. I had a great call from a friend and we got to have a stimulating conversation about doctrine. I got in my two hours of writing, and my hour of Bible class. I even got to go over my notes from the last two classes before today's.

But... I had three scenes in chapter 10 and had planned initially to take out all but the last one. Then somehow it seemed the second one might work there after all, but I would handle it by narrative summary. Except then it didn't want to be a summary and ended up being a confrontation with dialogue. Well, that's not terrible. I still had the first scene gone so that was good. All I had to do was write a summary of that. Maybe a paragraph. Cam was distracted, after all. He wouldn't be paying attention anyway...

Except the other characters didn't see it that way. They wouldn't LET him be distracted. Not only did they keep getting his attention, they kept doing it in very threatening ways. So, at the end of the day, the first scene which I definitely thought would not be in the chapter, is in the chapter. Partly as narrative summary and partly as actual dialogue. So now I have two scenes I wasn't planning and the third, which has to be there, yet to rewrite. Does any of this work?

I have no idea. But here's the thing, I actually got a lot of stuff done, and on some level it was my plan. Just because it wasn't my plan in the specific details is a pretty silly reason to feel like things went awry.

The other thing that didn't go as I hoped is Quigley, who this evening, showed us that he still has very runny stools, but at least they're yellow now. I'm starting to sneak in a bit of kibble with his rice. Maybe that's why it's runny. Or not. Who knows? I have to stop thinking about it.

I have to get some sleep (Q got me up at 6am to go out and I never went back to sleep). I've been dragging all day.