Thursday, March 02, 2006

14 down, 26 to go

Did 7 more pages of chapter 14 yesterday morning before breaking for Wednesday lunch, then another 6 today before I called it done in first draft. Wow. Three days and done. Now it's on to chapter 15. Funny to look back and see that all that writing was done in about three hours total. I spend a lot more time thinking than actually writing. That's probably a good thing, but it's very frustrating. It would be much easier to just forge ahead with your first plan to have your character leave before dawn and just forget about the fact that if the wolves are out at night and your character is trying to avoid them, he's not going to leave before dawn ... Actually that was the realization that came to me after I finished the scene today, but too late now. It's done in a draft and I'm leaving that problem for later.

No word on the title change yet, but I did send off suggestions for the cover design of Book 4. Have to take the dog to the vet in an hour so I guess I'll go eat lunch.