Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Tortoise day

It was a tortoise day, today. I went back to page 4 of Chapter one and worked through it just about line by line, untangling snarl after snarl, working through one question after another. What does the character actually see as he's coming down the hill? Who is doing what? What is the best way to describe it all? The clearest, the most dramatic way. Small questions, big questions, questions of logistics and just plain logic (if they're standing in group with the wind howling around them are they really going to be able to hear what each other is saying?) I worked through page 9, then went back to about 6 and worked it again, this time up to about the middle of page 12. That was enough for today -- or at least for my brain for today, even if my desire could be for something more.