Saturday, March 25, 2006

Really bad means REALLY BAD

I forgot about writing really lousy drafts! Or rather, I knew about it, and I even have a sign about it on my desk, but I'd forgotten about it. Kind of like I know the Lord has promised to take care of me and bless me , and that He is wise and good and kind and powerful, yet suddenly I am worried and fretful again. I know it, but it's not registering. I'm not applying it.

Really lousy drafts are just that. Really lousy drafts. Bad, bad writing that makes me wince as I'm setting it down. Sentences and thoughts that provoke all manner of objections -- No! It can't be that way. It should come after this, or before that. Or, This is really cornball... Or melodramatic. Or off the wall.

I just have to plug my mental ears and keep on writing, one bad sentence after another.

So. I put on Handel's Water Music, got out my picture of Abramm and set to it. I've had the entire glorious day to work uninterrupted, except by myself and the laundry. And as of this moment, I've done 8 pages of very bad draft to finish chapter 15. Hallelujah!

Now I think I'll go make chocolate chip cookies and think about ch 16.


Handel's Water Music -- The Academy of Ancient Music -- Christopher Hogwood