Thursday, March 23, 2006

Return of the Guardian-King

Well, it's official. Book Number 4 in the Legends of the Guardian King series will be re-titled Return of the Guardian-King. Not my original or preferrred title, but one I can live with. I am grateful to even have a publisher and marketing team involved in seeing my work put into print and who are committed to doing the very best job that they can. And since I am not expert in how to sell books, I am happy to defer to their wisdom.

It helps to know that even writers so great as Dean Koontz do not always get their "original and preferred" titles. In his afterward to the Berkley books new edition of Lightning he related that neither it nor Watchers, Whispers, Phantoms, Strangers or The Bad Place were his "original and preferred" titles. So I feel in august company. (And I always did wonder about Watchers, for that title seemed to have nothing to do with the book. His original was Guardian, which makes a lot more sense. Though I have to admit, Watchers is a more interesting and even threatening title.)

Still working on chapter 15b. Researched fig trees today and learned all sorts of incredible stuff about the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil as distorted in Hindu and Buddhist beliefs. I also read about 17 century surgery techniques for bladder stone removal -- ugh. This from reading through Samuel Pepys diary in hopes of getting some info on royal balls.

Now it's off to the Y.