Tuesday, March 21, 2006

What is Worship?

From Infuze Magazine's Editor in Chief, Robin Parrish, on hearing an interesting concept regarding worship:

"Worship isn't about music. It's not about chanting. It's not about hands raised into the air or those goosebump feelings you get.

'Think about where your time goes. Think about where your money goes. Those are
the things that you worship.'

"Makes you think, doesn't it? Whether you worship God or you worship some shallow movie star, whether you worship your bulging biceps or that shiny car sitting in the driveway... it gets you thinking about why you do, and how you express it.

"But wait, it gets better. Here's the best part. Really let this one sink in:

'Whatever it is we worship, we imitate. Whatever we imitate, we become.'
"So here's my question: what are you worshiping? Is it someone worthy? Or something fleeting?

"That's one question you better make sure you have a good answer to."

~Infuze Magazine Newsletter #111

I totally agree! What do we look to for our happiness, for our stability? Not, what do we say we look to, but what do we actually look to, in practice? God's plan for our lives, which is largely unknown to us with regard to the details, or our own which seems bright with promise? God's strength and character, or our own ability? God's word, or the world's instruction?

To put it another way: If you want something so badly that it's making you depressed because you don't have it, that is where your true focus is, and in essence it's become an idol in your soul...


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