Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Speedily and with precision

After crawling along yesterday and ending up only about halfway through Chapter 1, and noting it was already the seventh of March, I confess to a bit of dismay in contemplating my postition. But just a bit. I had hoped to fly through chapter 1 not crawl, and yesterday I reflected that since the Lord was in charge, He was really going to have to light a fire under me here in the next couple of months. It's beginning to look like ten- and twenty- chapter months loom in my future, after all. Not only that, I'd just read an article saying that in order to write a really good, complex story, one has to have a lot of time to think it through, let it simmer, to keep going over and over it, adding new layers, seeing it in new ways... and obviously I wasn't going to have that kind of time. So He was going to have to see that I got it right without a lot of time and revisions.

Well last night I put on Bible class (it's a CD of past lessons, Ecclesiastes again) and in the course of the lesson, the pastor drew some comparisons between the qualities of eagles and the life of the believer who is dedicated to the Plan of God for his life:

"When we're filled with the Holy Spirit, He will give us the swiftness, energy and power to perform the task God has given us to perform -- and to do it SPEEDILY and with PRECISION and ACCURACY."

I just had to laugh. That bit of information could not have been more timely. I see I can trust Him in every way and He is making sure I know that.

Today was my half day, since I quit early for Wednesday lunch with my friends. I went back to page 11 and worked forward through page 16. Still crawling, but progress, nonetheless.