Monday, March 20, 2006

Fog and Snow

This is a great picture for expressing how I felt for most of today. Imagine you are standing in the foreground. Where are you going to go? Do you have any idea where you are? Where you're going? You can see there's a snowy slope right in front of you that appears to quickly get very steep. It's going to be hard, and is that even the best way to go? Is it going to lead you somewhere, or are you just going to flounder your way into a ditch filled with winter-dead underbrush? You can't tell if there are mountains beyond that fog or a valley... can't even tell if it's north or south or east or west.

Yeah. That's how it was today. I finished chapter 3 over the weekend and then for most of today everything seemed in disarray. Certain plot threads lacked cohesiveness (they could hardly even be called threads, more like random events). The whole thing needed more unity. But I could hardly even recall what "the whole thing" was. What to do?

Well, how about the ironing? Ha! I kept asking the Lord what I should do in between nonstops and lying on the couch staring at the penquin mobile, and sitting at the desk in the bedroom watching the grackles drop dog food into the black watering bucket outside. And I kept getting the nudge that I should do the ironing. Which didn't seem right at all, but finally I did it.

And it was good. When I was done, I had a couple new ideas. As I started to write them down, an avalanche of them overtook me, and even brought along some dialog. Now I have an outline for Chapter 15 and 4 pages of it written. Also a revised ending for Chapter 3.

O Happy Day!

Snow photo by garrulus