Thursday, March 09, 2006

Janine Johnston

LINK: The Art of Janine Johnston

I went looking for pictures of wolfpacks and found this really cool picture -- somewhat evocative of what I'm doing, though not exactly. My wolves are not quite wolves in a rather different way from this ... Wolf-dragon-shapechanger things. I'm still putting them together and many questions remain... But anyway, this was cool and it sent me to the site of the artist, Janine Johnston. Very impressive, and I guess that's not surprising since she's been involved in comics and gaming and collectable cards for some time. In any case, I really enjoyed her images.

As for me... I finished Chapter 1 today, finally. It's 24 pages long and I cannot believe how hard it was to work through. I was expecting it to take a day at most. But I think the work has been good, the chapter is better and a lot of new thinking has occurred because of it.

Little by little,